It’s been just over a year since we first introduced Microsoft Edge, the brand new browser for Windows 10. We took a new direction, establishing Microsoft Edge as a browser for doing more on the web, with reading tools, notetaking, and Cortana built-in.  We built it on top of the Universal Windows Platform, which includes our brand-new web rendering engine, EdgeHTML.  Altogether Microsoft Edge delivers a faster, more efficient, more compatible, more secure, and more productive experience to all Windows 10 customers.

Over the last year we’ve been hard at work taking Microsoft Edge to the next level with features and improvements that make every part of the browser better. In the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft Edge has support for browser extensions from the Windows Store, dozens of new features, and major improvements to power efficiency, and security. It’s also the most accessible browser we’ve ever shipped, and the first browser to score a perfect 100% on! Let’s walk through some of what’s new and available for all customers today.

Customize your browser with Microsoft Edge extensions

Extensions have been the number one feature request since we first shipped Windows 10 last July, and after previewing a growing set of extensions with Windows Insiders over the last several months, we’re thrilled to make them available to the general public alongside the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Screen capture showing a selection of 12 extensions available from the Windows Store

Today, a selection of popular extensions is available from the Windows Store, including extensions from popular brands like AdBlock and Adblock Plus, Amazon, Evernote, LastPass, Microsoft Translate, Office Online, Pinterest, Pocket and more. We’ll continue to bring others to the Windows Store in future updates, ensuring the highest quality for our customers.