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IT Support Technicians

IT Support Technician as a Service

We assist you to maintain computer systems and networks. We guide users of a network to use relevant devices and applications by answering any questions that may arise. We can work directly for your company as a sourcing agent.

The requirement of an IT Support Technicians can be virtually in any industry. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for IT Support Technicians is set to rise by 12 percent through 2024. This demand is due to the ever-increasing reliance on information technology in both the business and public sector.

IT Support Technician Duties and Responsibilities
There are a variety of tasks IT Support Technicians perform in their quest to both help users and maintain the optimal functionality for the systems on their network. We dissected several IT Support Technician job descriptions to determine the following core IT Support Technician duties and responsibilities.

Allocation and Maintenance of IT Equipment

IT Support Technicians are responsible for setting up all hardware and ensuring said hardware is connected to the network. In many corporations, employees are issued devices such as company laptops, tablets or mobile phones. It is the IT Support Technician’s responsibility to check the equipment, as well as diagnose and repair any malfunctions.

Diagnose Hardware and Software Issues

When something goes wrong, it is the IT Support Technicians who are the first line of defense. They are responsible for performing an initial diagnosis of the issue and documenting their findings. Then, they formulate and execute a strategy to fix the issue.

Document and Maintain IT Inventory

Part of maintaining the health of a network involves keeping meticulous records on the age of each machine on the network. Older machines are more susceptible to hardware issues and may need more-frequent maintenance. IT Support Technicians keep track of these records and perform these maintenance routines.

Review and Resolve IT Helpdesk Requests

This is the customer service portion of the job. IT Support Technicians are the “face” of the helpdesk. If someone from another department needs IT, it is IT Support Technicians who answer the call. This duty takes patience and good communication skills.

Prioritize and Escalate Issues as Necessary

Some issues are more pressing than others. It is up to IT Support Technicians to prioritize issues based on severity and immediacy. Some problems they won’t have the expertise to solve and must escalate to the IT Supervisor. Each company has a slightly different protocol for this process.

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